Bavarian Royal Cane 



On March 27, 2019 in Munich, the Monuments Men Foundation donated to the Bavarian State Museum a cane that once belonged to King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who commissioned the construction of the famed Neuschwanstein Castle. It is a wooden cane with an ivory, knobbed handle featuring a hunting scene with a stag and hounds carved delicately into the ivory.


The cane was acquired by an American military personnel during the occupation of Germany immediately after the war. It was accompanied by a signed certificate from Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria. Although the provenance remains uncertain, it was the wish of the family in possession of the cane to see it returned to a German institution for display to the public.


The return was possible thanks to a collaboration between the Foundation and the Bavarian National Museum, in particular Dr. Alfred Grimm and Dr. Frank Kammel. The cane will be shown in an upcoming exhibition in November 2019 at the Bavarian National Museum titled “A Man and His Dog” after the book by Thomas Mann.