Pierre L. Duchartre (?-?) 

Pierre L. Duchartre served as one of the leading French Art Representatives in Germany. In August 1945 he undertook with French Lt. Col. G. H. Bosquet and Monuments Woman Capt. Rose Valland an official visit to the U.S. Zone of Occupation in Germany to make a preliminary survey of the problem of returning to France works of art and cultural materials looted from France by the Nazis. Following joint discussions in Hochst with American and British MFAA leaders, the group was escorted to several repositories for looted art by Monuments Man Lt. Col. Mason Hammond. Duchartre and Valland were thus the first French Monuments Officers to visit the salt mine at Heilbronn, where it was decided that unopened crates containing the stained glass windows removed from Strasbourg Cathedral would be immediately shipped to Strasbourg. In the following days, Duchartre and Valland were given tours of the Munich Central Collecting Point, Neuschwanstein Castle, Ingolstadt, Ansbach, and Wurzburg, at each location interviewing the Monuments Officer in charge and making plans for French strategies in regard to the recovery and restitution of French-owned objects.


Duchartre then worked as the leader of the French Restitution Officers at the Munich Central Collecting Point. Together with fellow French Monuments Officers Capt. Hubert de Brye and Capt. Marcelle Minet, Duchartre oversaw the identification of tens of thousands of works of art and other cultural objects looted from French collections by the Nazis.


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Photo courtesy of Heute.

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