Harvard Group 

Harvard faculty and local citizens established the group after the fall of Paris in June 1940 in order to provide expertise on cultural matters during the war.


American and foreign scholars compiled information about cultural areas, monuments, and objects in Europe, and eventually their efforts contributed to the formation of The Roberts Commission.

Ames, Margaret

Anastos, Milton V.

Belling, Alfred R.

Benesch, Mrs. Otto

Benesch, Otto

Berla, Julian E.

Blake, Marion E.

Bloch, Hervert

Broneer, Oscar

Butler, Charles

Chandler, H.D.

Conant, Kenneth

Constable, W.G.

Cook, W.W.S.

Couch, Herbert N.

Duell, Prentice

Ehrlich, Evelyn

Emerson, William

Grancsay, Stephen V.

Harrison, W.H.

Hencken, Hugh O'Neill

Hill, Dorothy K.

Hill, Laurence

Jackson, William A.

Kennedy, Clarence

Kitzinger, Ernst

Koehler, Wilhelm

Lehman-Hartleben, Karl

Luce, Stephen B.

Malone, Mrs. Catherine

Murphy, Robert. C.

Olschki, Leonardo

Orchard, F.P.

Pease, Murray

Perry, Ralph Barton

Randall-MacIver, D.

Reed, Jean

Robinson, Charles A,, Jr.

Robinson, David H.

Rosenberg, Jakob

Sanborn, Ashton

Shear, Mrs. T. Leslie

Shear, T. Leslie

Shoe, Lucy T.

Swarzenski, Georg

Talcott, Lucy

Undset, Sigrid

Voorhees, Eleanor

Young, William J.

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