Claims is an ever growing list. The Monuments Men Foundation will regularly update this list and will consider all submissions meeting the criteria. The Foundation is interested not only in missing works of art, but also documents, manuscripts and books.

The decision to add any submissions is at the sole discretion of the Foundation. The Foundation operates in the footsteps of the Monuments Men and therefore, it does not pay rewards nor finder’s fees. However, it considers each case on a stand-alone bases and will, at times, consider appropriate to request a consultancy fee to be paid. It is also not interested in prosecuting people who come forward to do the right thing; quite the contrary, it wants to recognize and honor anyone who is determined to return some missing object to its rightful owner. We respect the desire of those wishing to assist anonymously and will maintain all such information in confidence.  


Submittals, containing an image and information similar to the existing entries, should be forwarded to: WWIIart @ For inquires regarding further details of specific cases, please email the Foundation at the address listed above.

Nachmann Family

Village Street (with Garden Door on the Right) by Camille Pissarro

Head of a Young Girl (Gabrielle)

by Pierre-August Renoir

A Walk at the Thames by Lesser Ury

Grunewald Lake at Schildhorn

by Lesser Ury


Property of Manfred Nachmann.

Disappeared in transit to the United States via Holland from Berlin. Last seen in July 1938 being packed at the Nachmann apartment at Brückenallee 2, Berlin.

Hatvany Family

Porcelain and Oil Paintings Collection


Property of Antonia Hatvany.

Removed from the family residence at Verboczy Utica 7, Budapest. After the family fled the residence, it was occupied by SS Officers in 1944. 

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