Your contribution today will help the Monuments Men Foundation fulfill its mission to preserve the legacy of the remarkable men and women, known as Monuments Men, who saved many of civilization’s great artistic, cultural, and archival treasures from the destruction of World War II and theft by Hitler and the Nazis. Financial contributions allow us to continue our restitution work of the thousands of cultural objects that are still missing since the war. In addition, they also support our effort to develop custom-designed programs that not only educate and inform our youth, but challenge them to become the Monuments Men and Women of tomorrow.

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With a donation of $100 or more, you may ask to be sent an autographed copy of one of Robert M. Edsel's books. Follow up your donation with an email to donate @ and specify which of the books above you'd like to receive, your mailing address and the name for the dedication.

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  Legacy Donors  


Chesapeake Energy

Glassell Family Foundation

Kimbell Art Foundation

National Endowment for the Humanities

The Decherd Foundation

Walton Family Foundation

The Monuments Men Foundation wishes to recognize those individuals and organizations whose generous support has been instrumental to its achievements.



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Mr. and Mrs. Randy Best

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Edsel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Edsel

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Glassell, III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayes

Mrs. Bobbie C. Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey K. McClendon

Mrs. Margaret McDermott

Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Donnell, Jr.

Mr. Thomas C. Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wall

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Woodcock